The Steel Division

    Trufer – Steel Division provides the raw materials for the transforming, cutting and metal-stamping industry. Our materials – in the form of plates, slitter strips or bobbins – come from plants related to the automobile industry. Our professional team is ready to help you with the choosing of materials so that these can be used to their best effect.

  • The Stainless Steel Division

    Trufer – Stainless Steel Division deals exclusively in highest-quality stainless-steel waste material resulting from a meticulous process of selection performed by qualified professionals. What provides a unique quality to our products is the seriousness with which the separation of the steel alloys is carried out, at all levels. These products are marketed in three formats: bales and “bags”, which are ideally suited for foundries, and mixed scrap, for the metal-work industries.

  • Outsourcing Logistics

    Within the premises of scrap-generating industries themselves, Trufer is able to provide all types of specialized labor, plus machinery like balers, stackers, mobile compactors that are able to crush and destroy whole vehicles right where they are, as well as other equipment designed for working full-time and collecting scrap metal directly from production lines – thus speeding up the process for suppliers.

  • Logistics: TR.UMP – Trufer's newest mobile processing unit

    TR.UMP is a mobile unit with a very high production capacity, and that is unique to Trufer. It processes any type of ferrous scrap metal, wherever it is. Its productive capability totals up to 20 tons per hour. More flexibility, greater productivity and ease of handling result in greater profits for your company.

  • Shredder

    Trufer is the only company in the sector in Latin America that possesses machinery of this caliber. Our shredder is capable of processing 80 tons of scrap per hour. Such structure gives us an edge on the market for processing scrap coming from obsolescent stocks and from the destruction of automobile carcasses and parts, which results in a final scrap-metal product that is clean, high-density and high-quality, the ideal material for foundries and the metal-work industry.

  • Grinder: Trufer is the only company in Brazil that processes steel scrap in the form of pellets

    It was with target at greater productivity and at saving energy for its customers that Trufer, in partnership with Akros Henschel, became the only company in Brazil to process clean steel scrap into small-size particles. The format allows the metal to be better deployed in the productive process, since it makes refrigeration easier and fills up empty spaces in the oven. The density of the material ranges from 2.0 to 2.5 tons per m², which translates into a series of advantages, such as producing more in less time and cutting production costs.

  • Destruction of Vehicles and Parts

    Integrity is the word that defines Trufer’s commitment in the process of destroying vehicles, parts and other products that cannot, under any circumstance, return to the market and risk jeopardizing the good name of the original companies that produced them. It is on account of that commitment that Trufer has received due recognition from leading industries and governmental organizations around the country.